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Refund Policy

Course Confirmation, Stream Uni Cancellation & Refunds

Confirmation of a course reservation is not deemed to be confirmation that the course is definitely taking place.  Please do not book any travel arrangement on the basis of a reservation.  Only when the course is confirmed as definitely taking place, should you book your travel. In case of an insufficient number of participants you will be contacted in time by telephone or in writing (letter or email). If Stream Uni has to cancel a course, the course fee will be credited in full. Minimum class sizes are required before we can confirm a course booking. 

If a confirmed course can not be carried out due to force majeure (accident, illness of an instructor etc.), the liability is limited to students who have incurred travel costs - and is limited to a maximum of CHF 100.-/Person.

Student Cancellations & Refunds

The registration is binding and not transferable. In case of cancellation by the student after this period the following conditions apply:

Less than 15 working days – 50% of the full course cost; Less than 10 working days – 100% of the full course cost; Absence from the course – 100% of the full course cost.  For the avoidance of ambiguity, 'costs' means the amount that is payable by the student to Stream Uni.